About ModafinilCat

A few words on Modafinil.

Modafinil is an interesting drug. Compared to the likes of opium, LSD, MDMA/Ecstasy, or marijuana, there’s really not much spirituality involved when you take it. Using Modafinil doesn’t make you happier all by itself and you wouldn’t have much fun just sitting there enjoying the effect. On the other hand, it probably wouldn’t be much fun to go out dancing in a nightclub while on Modafinil either. Your mind would just be too damn crystal clear and focussed. And herein lies the beauty of it all.

No other substance we know of combines this euphoric effect – which brings just the right bit of enthusiasm to even the most tedious of tasks – together with razor-sharp focus. And all of this while radically tearing down the mental barricades standing between you and your completed tasks. Neither coffee nor most kinds of natural stimulation come close to the quality and quantity of what Modafinil does.

Speaking of quantity: what a wickedly fortunate coincidence is it that one pill of Modafinil lasts for a half to a full typical workday, while the effects of most other conventional drugs – therapeutical or recreational – fade away within 1-2 hours after taking them?

Speaking of quality: a substance you ingest, which makes you perform better physically and mentally on an unparalleled scale, with no risk of causing physical addiction in any way – what’s the catch?

As for the latter, we have an answer: You’ve got to work for it. You still have to work your ass off in order to complete your tasks and to achieve your goals. Modafinil doesn’t change this. But once you sit down and do your thing – whatever it is – Modafinil just laughs at everything that would otherwise hold you back and blasts it all away. Worries, laziness, and fatigue become irrelevant, because neither of them exist during the time you spend in the zone. And what it all leads to is excellent work. Work that couldn’t possibly be better if you spent your time minding what doesn’t immediately contribute to the task at hand. We don’t sell Modafinil – we sell a spaceship that brings you closer to your dreams, you just have to put it together by yourself. Piece of cake with Modafinil.

On quality, ideals, and ModafinilCat.

Now that we have laid out our view on Modafinil – what’s in it for us, you ask?

First, have a look around the online pharmacy landscape. What do you see? Beautiful, thought-through storefronts that read your every wish from your brain? Reports of happy customers who’ve had the time of their lives ordering from those stores? Online shops that look so modern, it makes you think they’ve actually invested in being secure? Well, not quite.

Second, have a look around health-care systems of the world. What do you see? Affordable drugs, whose prices respect your more or less unavoidable state of being sick? Big pharmaceutical companies spending money on staying competitive through superior products instead of legal battles to protect their markets? Registered entities selling all kinds of controlled substances to customers because an expensive war on drugs would corrupt entire state systems? Again, not quite.

Third and last question. Whenever you use your credit card to make a purchase online, do you feel safe? That’s a quick one to answer.

We’re fixing all of this.

Not entirely. But we’re proud to contribute our tiny part to making the world a more efficient, freer world to live in. Design is in our heart, which is why our store is so much fun to use. Clarity is in our mind, which is why you’ll always know exactly what you get. Ideals are our very soul, which is why we’re standing up to old, inefficient systems. And technology, my friend, is the ground we walk on – run on. A neutral arbiter that has only just started to make a dent in what has been for thousands of years. Compared to what Bitcoin will be in 10 or 20 years from now, the state of its current economy will look like a sandbox full of cavemen.

The only thing we know for sure is that the future looks brighter and freer than ever. And we're part of it.

– The Team