A time-shifting 20% coupon special

Dear family and friends,

I can hear you wonder: "'Time-shifting' you say? What kind of black magic is this?" and as you might have guessed, today also marks the start of a glorious new 20% coupon special until January 21st but with a twist. Keep reading.

Time-shifting 20% holiday coupons

We didn't do a holiday special over the past few weeks because we dislike being predictable. We hereby make up for this by increasing the returning customer coupons of everyone who ordered between Dec 15th and now (Jan 13th) from 10% to 20%. This way you won't miss out on the new special if you've only ordered recently. We hope you benefit handsomely next time you order and remember, returning customer coupons never expire!

20% off on everything until Jan 21st

For everybody else who hasn't ordered the praised fabric of unbroken new year's resolutions yet, here's your golden moment. Starting from today until including January 21st we give 20% off on every purchase made in our store. Make sure to use the coupon code "DOTHETIMESHIFT" when checking out to enjoy the first savings of the year.

Coming back to new year's resolutions. If you've set any of these for yourself and if you're fed up succumbing to your inner devil year after year then I'd like you to entertain the idea of using Modafinil as a starting aid until the various habits and behavioral patterns are fully formed. Don't let it be the sole reason for your success but merely supplement your dreams and ambitions with the all-engulfing fire of focus and energy.

We hope you like what we offer and that you chose your adventures for the next 12 months well. Time is the only thing no amount of money in this world can buy once it's gone. Use yours wisely. And stretch it out a little with our funky Moda time machine ^_^

Peace and love,
Neko and team