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  • Neko

    A time-shifting 20% coupon special

    We can hear you wonder: "'Time-shifting' you say? What kind of black magic is this?" and as you might have guessed, today also marks the start of a glorious new 20% coupon special until January 21st but with a twist. Keep reading. Read

  • Neko

    1-Year Nyaniversary & Modafinil usage survey 2015

    One year ago we started the most dumbfounding project the online pharmacy industry has ever seen: a store that respects all its customers economically, morally and aesthetically. Our mission was to build a monument to something that has hopefully changed the lives of many of you and we couldn't be happier to report that this mission has been accomplished. Read

  • Neko

    Summer and Waklert are back, and reviews are here!

    Today we take the time to talk about three things: A week-long splashy summer discount special, us having secured a nearly infinite supply of Waklert in anticipation of supply shortages in the future, and a new feature that lets you review us and your favorite product directly on our website. Ready? Let's do this. Read