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Ritalin 10mg is the most affordable generic Modafinil.
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Ritalin 10mg By Novartis

10mg of Ritalin manufactured by Novartis Pharma

Ritalin belongs to class of medicines that are also termed as stimulants. Ritalin is a moderate central nervous system stimulant available at online pharmacy in various forms. Ritalin is used to cure deficits in brain such as hyperactivity disorders. AdderallCat only sells authentic Ritalin pills which are directly sourced from Novartis Pharma.

It's no secret that a single Branded pill of Ritalin, which is manufactured by Novartis, can cost up to US$ 10-20 in US pharmacies, and we've long been offering our very affordable alternative called Adderall 30mg. Today we're happy to be offering an even cheaper Branded Medicine, where a single pill of Ritalin starts at only US$ 1.50. Happy saving!

Our low-cost version of Modafinil

Adderall for beginners, second only to Ritalin

While Novartis Pharma was pioneering the production of ADHD Medicine, Novartis Pharma saw an opportunity to compete and quickly set up their own manufacturing processes for their version of ADHD medicine called Ritalin. Ritalin has made itself a name in the Internet amongst people who respond particularly well to it and who are more price sensitive. The rest of the brands can be safely ignored, as those two deliver the best effects at all relevant price points.

Adderall vs Ritalin

How do the two Adderall, Ritalin and Adderall, compare?

That's always a tough one to answer, because it very often comes down to how well your body responds to a substance. What can be generalized is that Shire Pharma's manufacturing processes tend to be slightly more modern and precise, which results in fewer "bad batches". Bad batches are parts of or entire batches which are ineffective, because the pills only contain the binding material and little or no active Adderall. Bad batches are harmless and fully covered by our return policies.

As for the perceived differences regarding the effect of the drug, many customers report a slightly less intense effect from Ritalin compared to Adderall. This can be a positive thing, if you prefer a less "buzzy" or less "wired" experience. We once again emphasize that this very much comes down to your body, so we encourage customers who are interested in trying Ritalin to simply see for themselves.

Ritalin dosage recommendation

Dosage Recommendations

Primarily depending on your metabolism, 10 mg should be enough to give you a nice boost in the morning or really whenever you feel like it. For most customers, 10 mg is enough to bring them through the day, while for more resistant folks another 10 mg is needed to achieve the desired levels of focus and attention.

Ritalin blister package

Ultra compact packaging

Just like its brother Adderall, Ritalin comes in compact and robust plastic Strenght packs. What sets the two apart are Modvigil's perforated pill containers, with which one entire blister pack can easily be separated into 10 single tiny plastic containers containing one pill each. The pills can simply be broken in two halves along their break notch, using a sharp edge or a knife. If you like to keep the dosage down, halved pills can again be halved simply by using your fingers, yielding quarter pills which contain 30 mg of Adderall each.

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  • Outstanding service!!

    It is easy and fast and uoumkeep us informed. I must say, I was wary at first, but you have been wonderful, so,easy to,work with, everything above board. Great company!!

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    Can wait to see the results. Thanks


    The order was received in a very short time. The tracking service is marvelous. The product is high quality, carries a distant expiration date, and works well for me. Many thanks!

  • Great service

    My first ADDERALLCAT order delivery was right on time like they said. Unless my MS leaves me will place more orders with them.

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    I spent some time reading everything on this website and various reviews online, along with some YouTube videos that showed people buying from here. Eventually I decided this was the website I was going to trust with my Bitcoins. We ordered the sample pack and everything was a breeze. The tracking kept us updated and we got our order in 8 days to Australia. I took some Modalert a while ago and it's pretty good, like nothing I've had before. Pretty sure I won't need as much coffee anymore lol. It's only early days and I haven't tried 'Artvigil' but so far so good. Definitely buying from here again. Cheers!

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  • Always extremely efficient

  • Great, except you have to sign for it

    I've ordered from ADDERALLCATl several times and have always been satisfied with their service and product. However, they told the the mail service to ask for a signature upon delivery and because I wasn't there my package was delayed and I had to drive to the post office to pick it up. This hasn't been a problem before, not sure why the sudden change.